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Hmm, I got home the sixth but I've been too lazy to update my journal.

Let's see, Maine was great. Benny was even better.

I took alot of pictures of us and such. I'll try to scan them and post one in my info.

Anywho, Seeing him was the greatest thing to happen to me in years. It was just perfect. He is perfect.

When we got there thursday I was so nervous, and when we saw him I almost passed out. The heat didn't help very much either. heh. But after we got into the car and started driving to the cabin we all just kinda started being silly and started feeling more comferitable.

He's so funny and silly. It was wonderful to be around him, I couldn't even stop smiling. At the cabin the first day we swam all day and I got a little burn on my face and shoulders (nothing that some hiding in the house for a while can't clear up).

He didn't act like any guy I've ever met. He was sweet.

The next day we went up to a Go Kart place and went on the go karts and the bumper boats. And after getting soaked on those we waited for my aunt. Got some ice cream after she picked us up and went up to a place that was made into almost like a picnic site or something. Standing on the top of this hill you could see for miles. It was really pretty.
When we got back to the cabin we were outside for a little then went into the cabin.Where we all decided to eat carpenter ants, heh. Yum. And then we went into Benny's room and played with dead ants.

Amazing what a few teens will do when facing boredom.

Next day we stayed around the cabin and me and Benny were sitting by the docks. Kristen fell asleep on the hammock which left me and Benny alone for a little while (and no, nothing happened). We left that day to bring him back and my aunt drove an extra 30 minutes so altogether I had an extra hour with him.

I'm hopefully going to see him again, he doesn't live far from one of my aunts.
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