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Life is so fucked up. finally fall for the perfect fucking guy and he lives far away. And like hell he'll want a long distance relationship, especially with me.

And fucking seeing him made me like him more and makes me miss him so much.

I don't know what I expected...hah. Did I expect him to fall in love with me?

And then I have the other one who I would have killed to be with about a month ago lieing to me to get me to go out with him.

It's fucking bullshit. Like I'll fall for it. What, does he think I'll fuck him or something? I mean seriously...Is that all guys want?

I finally find someone who isn't like that and I can't be with him.

And it fucking sucks.

And of course, I am the only one I knwo with this problem. Everyone else settles with people they get to know and fall for. But me, the stubborn one, has to fall for the one who lives in NH and be pissed when I can't have him.

Yeah, I am just one of those smart people.

Ah, fuck it. If it'll work then it does. If not...I'll be the saddest fucking person alive but I'll have a few years to get over it. And then I'll end up being some psychotic mass murderer who picks up men in bars and chops off their cocks because I will think all men are evil bastards.

Agh...I need time to go cool down before I start going insane and lighting things on fire. Night.
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