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Ack, haven't written in here for a couple of days.

Guess I haven't really been online.

Ummm...well Friday was pretty shitty. At the mall I bought a few things some little chinchillas (that look like ferrets) and they make odd noises. then I bought a madcow from spencers. It's pretty odd. We harassed the candleguy (Dustin). What mall night would be complete without harassing Dustin? hah.

Ummm, Amanda gave me a birthday present and I love it! (rainbows) ^_^

I didn't get to talk to Kristen or anything that night. We both thought the we were avoiding eachother. (It was pretty fucked). But it's alright now.

Today Ashley's boyfriend came to her house and brought different friends this time. thing to say :

If ANYONE tries to hook me up with that Orlando kid..I'll kill them.

But yes. I wanna go see the Halloween movie, just gotta find some people to go with me.

I have a Ujournal now, but since it's really new I haven't done much with it.

But, Kristen has given me very pretty icons. (Thank you kristen, I love the icons!)

Hmm that's about it, so Goodnight.
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