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Sweet Little Witch


Impassioned Intentions
28 June 1987

Sorry Lovers, friends only.

So if you want to read about little ol' me, add me..and I might consider adding ya back. Exciting isn't it?!?!

agony, allies, animals, anne rice, anti-discrimination, anti-social, bile, bisexuality, bisexuals, black, black carpets, black ceilings, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, blood, blues clues, body art, body modification, books, boys and girls, bracelets, bunbuns, capt howdy, care bears, chaos, concerts, crystal balls, death, dog collars, dope, dyed red hair, evil, fear factory, fishnet nylons, forsaken, friends, friendship, geektardness, ghosts, gore, goths, gummie bears, hammies, hate, hedgehogs, him, insanity, insecurity, james hetfeild, jay gordon, jon davis, kill hannah, knives, kool aid, korn, laurell k. hamilton, lies, lime green nail polish, love, lovesick, lust, manson, metal, metallica, mindless self indulgence, music, navel piercing, necklaces, neon, nin, nose rings, nymphos, obsessing, orgy, ouija boards, ozzy, padded walls, pain, pentacles, pentagrams, pictures, piercings, pink hair, pink sunglasses, platforms, posters, powergoth girls, powerman 5000, powerpuff girls, purple eyeshadow, purple hair, purple lipstick, rainbow brite, random acts of nakedness, rasputina, red nailpolish, rejection, relationships, rings, rob zombie, rope lights, sadness, safety pins, scars, scorpions, slaves on dope, slipknot, snake river conspiracy, snakes, soil, spiders, spikes, spikey dog collars, spineshank, spirits, stalkers, starfuckers inc., static-x, straight jackets, strangeland, switchblade symphony, talena, tattoos, the crow, the nightmare before christmas, torture, true hate, true love, ugliness, wayne static, white face paint, zao